Alter's Family Album

This picture was taken in the backyard of the 23rd street house…behind them is the foliage of the very sturdy peach tree that had been growing there for decades. My father was then in his late 70's, Becky was already quite seriously ill with the cancer of the stomach that had turned out to be inoperable. Behind them is Sam Siegelman, a Holocaust survivor from Poland, and a man of unquenchable good spirits.

this picture was taken the same afternoon as theadjoining one, and was posed in the living room of the 23rd street house. It also shows the fact that Becky had only a short time to live…but she did outlive the surgeon who had informed us that her cancer was inoperable. She managed to endure with characteristic stoicism the painful last few months.

The occasion of the snapshot is impossible to determine but the friendly nature of the occasion is quite easy to spot. From the left we see Alter Esselin, Howard Weinshel, Sam Siegelman, Mordechair Melrood, and one unidentified man.

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