Alter's Family Album

The picture was taken during the TV broadcast of the interview of Alter Esselin and son Joseph, by Herb Felsenfeld, in connection with Alter Esselin's 80th Birthday and the publication of the collection of some of his poems into English. October, 1969.


The occasion was a celebration of Alter Esselin's eighty fifth birthday and took place in the Home for the Jewish Elderly in downtown Milwaukee. As was customary in those celebrations there were recitations of his poetry in both Yiddish and English. At his right is Howard Weinshel,a devoted friend of Esselin. He read one his favorites of my father's work, the self mocking poem, "Do You Really Need Him?" And the brearded fellow at Alter's left is Joe Esselin. Alter had been living in the Home for several years. He died a few weeks after the picture was taken.


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