Alter's Family Album

This picture was taken in Chicago and the three men were part of the substantial group of young Yiddish poets in the city in the 1920s. The man seated in front is the well known, Chicago Yiddish poet, Mattes Deitch. Standing at the left is Ben Sholem, another poet, and a carpenter like Alter Esselin standing at the right.


This picture shows Alter Esselin in Los Angeles and I think displays the spirit that must have been at work with his new found assurance in his poetic effort. He had received some recognition…not as much as he would have liked, but enough to go on with.

This picture was a studio portrait done in Miwaukee in the mid 1930's. Esselin is seated at the left, beside him is Malke Tussman who was then one of the teacher's in the Folkshule, and went on to become a well regarded Yiddish poet,. At her right is a man named Weingrod a successful business man. Standing at the left is Mordecai Melrood, a distringuished Yiddish lehrer. The next two are unidentified, and at the far right is Isadore Tepper, one of the most devoted members of the Perhift Theatre company throughout the years. It is interesting to note that all the others in the picture are dressed rather formally…but Alter Esselin has no jacket, no tie, and his top button of his shirt is unbuttoned. Not unusual for Alter Esselin to present himself that way.

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