(We are in Eulalia's living room and the TV is playing-we can't see the TV screen but we can hear the sound. A very unhappy Eulalia is watching and as we hear the final words of the Interviewer,…

EULALIA: (To Malachi) Turn that damn thing off.

MALACHI: (Leans forward and using the Remote clicks off the program)
The interview seemed to be going well until the very end.

EULALIA: She was out to get him from the beginning.

MALACHI: No she wasn't. She was just trying to get a good interview and the truth came out as a result.

EULALIA: I wish you hadn't said that, but of course I knew you would. She looked for a weakness and let the audience savor his embarrassment.

MALACHI: The audience looks for truth to be revealed, whether favorable or not to the subject.

EULALIA: Nonsense! The audience looks for other people's secrets to be exposed…and of all people you should know about that with your lifelong wish to have secrets of your own. It's what prevented you from continuing as a messenger. Remember?

MALACHI: Not any more. I'm back to being a messenger…and I'm in custody of a secret.

EULALIA: Does it concern somebody's very life and would revealing it do damage to someone?

MALACHI: Yes to both questions!

EULALIA: That should do very nicely. Congratulations. Are you going to go out an follow that vocation again.

MALACHI: But what if Abel was to come back. You'd need me then.

EULALIA: You needn't worry. He is going on to greatness. .

MALACHI: How can you be so sure?

EULALIA: Never mind. You have your secret, I have mine. Go ahead, be a Messenger, carry those precious messages.

MALACHI: I will, and here's a farewell present for you. (Produces the Scroll and hands it to her) It's Hermann's suicide message.

EULALIA: Oh, you've kept it all this time. Thank you. How wonderfully symbolic. What first brought us together now marks our amiable separation. (Flourishing it) It will serve to remind me that I have been strong enough to survive all this time and that I can go on with life. (Speaks to Malachi) May the god of Messengers guide and protect you, Malachi.



Scene 8 - The Salon




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